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HarvestingA strong economy

Innovative Water Technologies

Clean WaterHealthy Crops

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Clean water is non-negotiable. Healthy crops depend on healthy soil ecosystems. When water and agricultural systems need solutions to complex environmental challenges, natural is the best answer. American Peat Technology harnesses the natural power of peat to transform the agriculture and water treatment industries. Minnesota’s abundant reed-sedge peatlands are part of a more sustainable future – using green chemistry to provide the keys to a brighter future.

When clean water matters

Our water treatment line of products target contaminants of environmental concern through the use of natural peat. Reed-sedge peat has an inherent affinity for dissolved heavy metals; APTsorb and APTIVATOR capture that sorption capacity in a granular form that is easy to use. Use as a stand-alone treatment for stormwater, or as part of a treatment train for more complex water. Robust APTsorb and APTIVATOR can be used in a variety of configurations from pressurized tanks to low-cost booms and socks.

When healthy crops matter

Our BioAPT media is the industry standard for granular peat-based Rhizobia carriers. BioAPT is a proven carrier of plant-growth-promoting microorganisms (PGPM) and provides a stable, durable substrate to sustain microbes even in challenging environments. In the dryland regions of North America, granular inoculants are the leading choice for pulse crop growers, and in 2018, nearly seven million acres of lentils, field peas, soybeans and peanuts were treated with BioAPT-based inoculants. BioAPT is also used to carry dual formulations, mycorrhizae fungi, and Pseudomonas bacteria for oil contamination bioremediation.


Protecting the environment is up to all of us. For industrial building owners, stormwater remediation starts with the water coming off the roof. When zinc, copper or other heavy metals enter waterways through roof runoff, the impacts affect the entire downstream ecosystem. American Peat Technology captures and enhances the diverse qualities of natural peat for industrial water treatment products, and our simple stormwater treatment solutions keep sites in compliance with local, state and federal stormwater quality regulations.

FREE Product Samples

Ready to see the power of peat in action? Just say the word and we’ll ship a sample of our granular products directly to you. Whether you’re looking to carry a new technology to a field crop or polish waste water for release, our engineered products offer the solution.
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Sustainable Environmental Solutions

The markets we serve want more. They want greener, more sustainable processes that will protect our environment and our way of life for years to come. American Peat Technology provides innovative solutions for today’s environmental problems. We capture and enhance the diverse qualities of natural peat through our agricultural and water remediation products.