At American Peat Technology, we produce high-quality carbon sources for building and repairing turf playing surfaces. Our product offers:

  • High quantities of humic and fulvic acids that condition soil
  • Granular formulations of peat, biochar, and other turf-friendly inputs
  • Increased moisture holding capacity
  • Promotion of healthy microbial populations in soil
  • Promotion of plant germination
  • Reduced risk of weed seeds and pathogens
  • Consistency in quality and particle size, ensuring easy and accurate application with existing machinery

Watch our video that tells the story of how we grew a play-ready surface on rocky and sandy soil in just six weeks!

Our soil-applied granular products leverage the power of all-natural reed-sedge peat combined with other valuable inputs:

  • Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed Extract – A powerful biostimulant that mitigates abiotic stressors and improves soil fertility to grow roots deeper and faster.
  • Micronutrients – Incorporated into our granular products to meet your exact soil needs. Includes high humic fraction of peat chelates and translocates minerals.
  • Biochar and Bone Char – Sustainable, climate-friendly components that foster beneficial soil microbes and increase water holding capacity.

Use American Peat Technology products, in a format of your choosing, to maximize your existing nutrition program. Our granular products come in a variety of particle sizes and can be mixed or co-applied with your existing products.

Contact us to buy, find your distributor, get a sample, design a custom product, and learn more.

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