Torv RökTM

The Secret Ingredient to Cold-PeatedTM American Single Malt Whiskey

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For Scotch drinkers and aficionados, it’s not a stretch to connect peat with making whiskey. The traditional practice of burning peat bricks to halt the barley malting process is well-known, but it isn’t an environmentally-friendly use of our valuable peat resources. Brother Justus Whiskey Co. came to APT with an idea. Instead of burning peat to infuse that iconic peaty flavor into the barley grains, Brother Justus wanted to directly infuse their whiskey with peat, using what they’ve baptized the Aitkin County Process™. In keeping with their commitment to produce a single malt that evokes the heritage of Minnesota, Brother Justus looked to APT’s proven technology to capture the essence of Minnesota’s peatlands in a granular form. Thus was born the Brother Justus/American Peat Technology partnership.

Working together, we developed Torv Rök™, a first-of-its-kind granular peat product for finishing spirits. Torv Rök (roughly pronounced Torv Rook) means “smoky peat” in Swedish. It evokes the northern European heritage of Aitkin County and celebrates the ubiquitous, valuable peat resources of Minnesota.

The patent-pending Aitkin County Process™ of infusing Torv Rök during the final stages of the aging process transforms distilled spirits into rich, flavorful products that evoke the timeless and unique character of the northern boreal landscape. Instead of the traditional smoky flavor common to some Scotches and whiskeys, the Aitkin County Process™ produces a more subtle peaty flavor that brings to mind the timeless nature of  bogs and fens. It’s earthy and natural  – think mushrooms, dark chocolate and grassy floral flavors with an incredibly smooth whiskey finish.

Torv Rök™ is manufactured by American Peat Technology in Aitkin County, Minnesota using peat harvested from a prior-converted peatland. We take pride in being stewards of the peat resource and are proud to manufacture other granular peat products that have benefits for healthier soil and cleaner water. Every day we unearth the power of peat.

AN ALL-NATURAL, granular peat media that infuses spirits with timeless Minnesota flavors.

A RESPONSIBLY-SOURCED product harvested in Minnesota by Minnesotans.

Part of a PATENT-PENDING PROCESS designed to transform and elevate American single-malt whiskey.

A SUSTAINABLE ALTERNATIVE to traditional peat smoking.
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What is a prior-converted peatland?

Prior-converted peatlands are peat deposits that were drained before 1985 and no longer exhibit the characteristics of a wetland. In many instances, peatlands were ditched and drained around the turn of the 20th century to create cropland and facilitate transportation. In Aitkin County, early settlers faced a shortage of tillable land and turned to peatlands to meet their agriculture needs. APT harvests from peatland acres that have been under agricultural production for decades. As we remove the peat from the deposit, we follow up with a reclamation program to return the harvested acres to a peat-producing shallow wetland that is vegetated with native species and provides a rich habitat for waterfowl, mammals, amphibians, fish and invertebrates.