Peat is a powerful and multi-faceted natural resource. At American Peat Technology, we’re committed to harvesting, manufacturing and distributing sustainably-harvested peat products that have transformed soil inoculation and the water treatment process. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a case study might be worth a hundred lab tests. Check out the links below to explore how our products perform in the real world.

APTsorb: Solving Copper Mine Drainage Challenges

When Minnesota’s Soudan Mine State Park noticed particulate copper was plugging their sophisticated water treatment system, they turned to APT for a fast and effective solution.

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APTsorb: Treating Stack Scrubber Wastewater

Coal-fired power plants minimize exhaust stream emissions with a wet scrubbing process. The challenge? This process requires wastewater treatment. The solution? APTsorb.

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APTsorb: Decreasing Zinc, Cadmium & Chromium in Stormwater

As regulations change, demanding ever-lower metal concentrations in stormwater, many companies are challenged to rethink their water treatment processes. APTsorb simplifies the process and drives results fast.

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APTsorb: Assuring Mine Wastewater Meets Regulations  

When a North American base metal mine was forced to remediate elevated levels of lead, zinc and cadmium in their water, they sought a cost-effective solution that would ensure they met all water quality regulations.

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APTsorb: Addressing Storm Water Treatment Challenges in Washington

When a small foundry in Tacoma, Washington found elevated copper levels in stormwater, they tried to control the issue at the source but still couldn’t meet permit requirements, until they deployed APTsorb into their system.

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APTsorb: Treating Roof Run-off for Dissolved Zinc

Upflow downspout filters (UDFs) provide targeted treatment for zinc in roof run-off. When partnered with APTsorb media, the UDF at this Pacific Northwest site significantly reduced zinc loads in stormwater and brought the site into compliance.

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