Since 2003, American Peat Technology has been manufacturing value-added products made from the natural resource known as peat. The bulk of the manufacturing process revolves around drying and granulating locally-sourced reed-sedge peat, which results in a unique media that is subsequently sold into two different markets: agronomy and water remediation.

Although at first glance, the harvest and processing of peat may seem to be a rudimentary practice, in reality, APT is a technology company. From the state-of-the-art biomass combustor at the front end of the manufacturing process, to the cutting-edge research that occurs with the finished media, American Peat Technology’s commitment to producing products that meet market needs is apparent in the company’s thoughtful and far-sighted business strategy. As evidenced in APT’s products year after year, the judicious use of the peat resource results in environmentally-friendly ways to fertilize legumes, deliver beneficial microorganisms to critical crops and treat water that has been contaminated with heavy metals.

Although it is risky to try to boil a company’s culture down into a single statement, Thomas Edison would have found APT to be a place of like-minded workers when he remarked “I find out what the world needs. Then, I go ahead and invent it.”