Simple, Natural Stormwater Compliance for Commercial Roof Runoff

Across the Pacific Northwest, commercial and industrial buildings are outfitted with long-lasting metal roofing. These roofs are a cost-effective alternative to traditional asphalt-based shingles because they’re highly durable and can withstand the elements. Install once, and a building is set for low maintenance for many years. But – galvanized metal roofs come with a problem behind the scenes.

After it rains, zinc, copper and other contaminants flow off the roof and into our waterways. This is a problem.

Excess dissolved metals in water can have lasting effects on the environment, wildlife and human health if left unchecked.

Water contaminated with dissolved metals impacts many organisms in the food chain, from small insects to capstone predators. For many fish and mammals, bioaccumulation of heavy metals results in poor survivability and reproduction. Too much zinc in salmon, for instance, can interfere with the fish’s ability to transition from freshwater to saltwater environments.  All from a seemingly harmless roof and rainstorms.

Treating Roof Runoff Water with Natural Peat

American Peat Technology has a simple, natural solution. Our TurnAbout™ Upflow Downspout Filter™ (UDF) treats industrial roof runoff with all-natural, responsibly sourced peat. The APT TurnAbout simplifies water treatment. This easy-to-use, economical solution uses natural peat to remove concentrated metals from roof runoff water.

Using an innovative upflow design, the TurnAbout UDF removes both solids and sediments in one efficient unit. Meeting water quality regulations and ensuring clean water returns to the environment has never been easier.

Easy to install

Each TurnAbout UDF is fully loaded with APT’s APTIVATOR peat-based sorption media. Installation is simple: connect it to an existing downspout collection system, and it’s ready to collect and treat runoff water at the next storm event.

Highly adaptable

The TurnAbout UDF’s compact size packs a lot of treatment capacity into a small footprint. The unit can be customized with right, left and rear outlets.


The TurnAbout treats at the source and can eliminate the need for expensive and complicated end-of-pipe systems. In a typical Pacific Northwest storm, one device can treat almost 22,000 ft2 of roof.

Simple Maintenance

In most instances, it only requires maintenance every six months. On-site maintenance is as easy as opening the top and removing large debris from the inlet chamber.

Ready to Simplify Your Stormwater Treatment?

Tap APT and the power of natural peat for easy, low-maintenance treatment for roof runoff water. Download our TurnAbout UDF Overview for a closer look at how it works and how easy it can be to simplify your stormwater treatment procedures.

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