Congressman Rick Nolan Visits APT

On May 31, APT was pleased to host Congressman Rick Nolan for a tour of the facility and harvest area. Mr. Nolan DSCN0364represents the 8th district of Minnesota in the US House of Representatives. The congressman was at APT for a couple of hours, learning about the business of peat drying and granulation. Here, Mr. Nolan (right) listens as Doug Green (center), CEO of APT describes the new innovations currently in process at APT. Dave Schaeffer (left) from APT also listens in.


The congressman was particularly interested in knowing more about the pallets that are used to store and transport APT’s products. The pallets that APT uses come from Emily Wood Products, a small company located about 30 miles northwest of APT. As it turns out, Emily Wood Products was founded by Mr. Nolan and is currently owned and operated DSCN0367by his daughter and son-in-law. The pallets are built to APT’s specifications to allow for storage in racking. Supporting 2000 pounds of product fifteen feet in the air calls for a special kind of pallet, and Mr. Nolan was pleased to see the pallets at work.

American Peat Technology looks forward to a continuing relationship with Congressman Nolan and his team as they look for economic opportunities using Minnesota’s resources.