APT’s Official Statement Regarding COVID-19

Keeping our customers and employees protected is our top priority. As COVID–19 continues to spread and impact our communities, the team at American Peat Technology is committed to staying informed. We are taking proactive steps to enhance our safety standards as we continue to provide our customers with the products and solutions they need.

APT is an essential supplier to the agricultural industry that is vital to the United States and world economies. Our BioAPT products are used around the world in the agricultural industry to increase crop yields. We take our mission of helping feed the world seriously. As we continue to operate, we are following guidance from the CDC as well as national and local governments on extra precautions to keep our employees safe. We will continue to monitor this global health crisis closely and will provide relevant updates periodically.

We are committed to responding to the orders, requests and questions from our customers and stakeholders throughout the current crisis. Please continue to reach out to us through our normal channels of communication. Above all, be safe. We wish health and safety to the employees and families of all our partners.