Key Characteristics

Adaptable to different microorganisms

BioAPT is proven in formulations with Rhizobium, mycorrhizal fungi and biodegradation microbes. BioAPT is also suitable for plant-growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) such as Pseudomonas, Azospirillum, and Bacillus and other plant-growth-promoting microorganisms (PGPM).

Resistant to desiccation

Peat is widely-known for its hydrophilic properties.

Nearly sterile

The production process uses heat sufficient to render the media nearly sterile when shipped. The media is usually and easily sterilized further by irradiation prior to inoculation.

Adaptable to different application methods

BioAPT can be supplied as a granule or powder.


American Peat Technology’s control over the entire bioAPT production process, along with continual improvements in manufacturing efficiency, results in a fair and consistent pricing structure.

Chemically and physically uniform

The raw peat material is harvested from a single, relatively homogeneous peat deposit. The addition of calcium carbonate for pH adjustment is carefully controlled.

pH adjusted

The natural acidity of the parent peat material is buffered through the addition of approximately five percent (by weight) calcium carbonate.

Consistent quality and supply

American Peat Technology has been producing a consistently superior carrier media since 2003.

Accepts and retains added nutrients

The porous nature of peat captures added nutrients and makes them available for microbial survival and growth.

Long shelf life

BioAPT, prior to inoculation, can be stored for years without a loss of effectiveness.  Formulations that include bioAPT are proven to sustain and multiply microbial growth for over a year.

Consistent, historical track record

Peat has been used a microbial carrier for over a hundred years. Granular bioAPT is the industry standard for peat-based granular carriers.

Ease of handling

BioAPT is non-toxic, safe for workers and shipped in easy-to-manage, easy-to-store super sacks.

Biodegradable and nonpolluting

Peat is a natural product composed of partially decomposed plant matter. Raw peat is a valuable soil amendment that increases organic content of soils and improves water holding capacity.





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