Treatability Testing

In most cases, we provide treatability testing in our research and development lab in order to assess the effectiveness of our media against different water. That testing is generally carried out without charge. We require some information before testing. Please contact us and have the following information available:

  • What type of water are you treating (stormwater, mine dewatering discharge, truck wash water, etc)?
  • What volumes need to be treated?
  • What flow rates need to be treated?
  • What are the metals of concern?
  • What are the concentrations of the metals of concern?
  • What other background metals are present? (If you have any characterizations, monitoring reports, etc. that would be helpful.)
  • How is the water currently being treated?
  • What other treatment systems have been tried?
  • What are the site limitations (small footprint, airborne contaminants, etc.)?