APTIVATOR™: A New Development in Water Treatment


Here at APT, it’s no secret that we’re all about peat. For the past 17 years, we’ve worked hard to unlock the power of peat through the manufacture of value-added products made from this abundant natural resource. Peat is a slowly self-renewing and valuable natural resource with untapped potential, and we are committed to stewarding its use through the ongoing development of products that address environmental issues.

That’s why we’re excited and pleased to announce the launch of our latest peat-based media: APTIVATOR. APTIVATOR is a water treatment technology that harnesses peat’s natural affinity to sorb heavy metals from water. We’ve transformed natural peat into an engineered spherical media that has excellent hydraulic conductivity and handling characteristics. APTIVATOR is effective at removing dissolved lead, copper, cadmium, zinc, chromium and nickel from sources such as stormwater and mine water. Why APTIVATOR?

  1. Natural sorption properties
  2. Robust response to challenging conditions
  3. Customizable to hydraulic specifications
  4. Economical solution

Natural Sorption – How Does it Work?

Because of the geochemical environment of deposition of peat, APTIVATOR naturally tends to reject innocuous metals such as calcium and magnesium while attracting and bonding more toxic metals such as lead and cadmium. What does that mean in the field? It means that APTIVATOR is not affected by water hardness or competing cations that needlessly fill up sorption sites. APTIVATOR draws the problematic elements naturally, which translates into cleaner water, more compliance and efficient use of media.

A Robust Response

APTIVATOR tackles difficult environmental conditions. Because peat is not a microporous resin, it can handle suspended solids without soiling the media surface or compromising its sorption capacity. By adding APTIVATOR to the front end of a stormwater treatment system, our media protects valuable, high-end resins and treatments from solids. If used in a pressure vessel, APTIVATOR can be backwashed to remove particulates and extend treatment life. It is also highly adaptable for use in multiple water treatment configurations such as gravity feed vaults, media cartridges and booms.

Custom Particles Sizes

Need a water treatment product with high hydraulic conductivity? Want to maximize water-to-media contact for maximum removal? As with all sorption media, increasing flow rates through more permeable beds is a great way to treat large volumes of water, but the trade-off is a reduction in contaminant removal. APTIVATOR can be customized to the specific particle size required to meet your need for maximum reduction in heavy metals coupled with maximum flow.

An Economical Solution

APTIVATOR is a competitive solution for complex water treatment problems. The robust nature of the media results in less infrastructure and lower labor costs. For those sites and applications where low- tech solutions such as gravity systems and booms are an option, APTIVATOR is an economical approach to compliance.

Natural treatment. Value-added performance. APTIVATOR is a powerful and responsible solution for water remediation and a reliable route to 100 percent compliance.

APTIVATOR is Available Now

If you’re interested in learning more about APTIVATOR or would like to place an order, please reach out to the APT team at: info@americanpeattech.com.