Our Mission

We strive to thoughtfully and judiciously manage Minnesota’s natural resources by adding value to peat for the economic and social benefit of our employees, shareholders, community and environment.
Our mission is primarily evident in these seven ways:

  • We produce peat-based microbial carriers that, in large part, are critical for the production of biotic nitrogen-enriching soil amendments.
  • We produce water remediation media that sorbs heavy metals from wastewater and sequesters and concentrates it for further management.
  • We pay a fair wage to our employees, offer benefits, and encourage a safe working environment.
  • We encourage the professional development of our employees through tuition reimbursement.
  • We price our products in a fair, market-driven manner in order to realize sustained, long-term growth for our shareholders.
  • We dedicate a percentage of our sales to community-building events and organizations that share our commitment to education, sustainability and vitality.
  • We continually seek ways to “green” our production process through the use of engineering controls, renewable fuels and repurposed equipment.