bioAPT Microbial Carrier

BioAPT is a microbial carrier manufactured from reed-sedge peat. The media is produced in two different forms, granular and powdered. American Peat Technology’s advanced production process and strict quality control parameters result in a consistent, quality product season after season, year after year. The company’s commitment to producing a media of excellence is borne out in the nearly-universal use of bioAPT as a peat-based Rhizobia carrier in granular form.

Peat has been used as a Rhizobia carrier for decades and is used worldwide, almost to the exclusion of all other materials. In the past, the principle concern of peat as an inoculant was related almost entirely to the variability of the parent material and its subsequent effect on microbial survivability. American Peat Technology has addressed those shortcomings through three measures:

  • A dedicated harvest area under exclusive permit to APT
  • A state-of-the-art production process that is capable of producing a large volume of media within tight parameters
  • A strict quality control protocol that identifies media that is out of specification and pulls it out of the production process.

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