Research on the Horizon

University Partnership

Since 2007, American Peat has partnered with the University of Minnesota’s Natural Resources Research Institute to develop and optimize our water remediation media. Our research and development staff works closely with Dr. Igor Kolomitsyn of NRRI, an organic chemist with emphasis on modifications and extractions of natural products.

Sulfate research

Currently, research at NRRI is focusing on the development of a media for sulfate sorption, using APTsorb water remediation media as a backbone for the chemical attachment of functional groups. Sulfate contamination in natural waters is a concern in northern Minnesota. Dr. Kolomitsyn and his staff have produced a media that is active against dissolved sulfates, and the work of optimizing that product is underway.

Mercury and phosphorus

Other research efforts have focused on media specific to mercury and phosphorus. We have a product specific to mercury that in initial trials has shown indications that the media can exceed the standards set down by the Great Lakes Initiative, but the optimization of the media and up-scale to production have not been completed. Phosphorus research is still in the early stages.