APTsorb Remediation Media

From stormwater treatment and mine dewatering to process water polishing, APTsorb is the go-to tool for today’s water remediation professional. APTsorb is a proven performer against dissolved heavy metals in a wide variety of waste streams, and yet is cost-effective from initial start-up to final disposal.

If you’ve had experience with using peat products in the past, and they have underwhelmed you, let APTsorb change your thinking. The toxin-filtering ability of wetlands is well-documented, but until now, natural peat has not been a widely-accepted alternative for wastewater treatment. APTsorb retains natural peat’s affinity for heavy metals, but transforms it through thermal and chemical treatment into a hardened granule that has favorable hydraulic conductivity and structural strength.

The media is effective against dissolved heavy metals such as zinc, lead, copper, cadmium, chromium, manganese, nickel and cobalt. Additionally, the angular granular structure of the media acts as a physical filter. This means that in some cases, the media will treat both suspended and dissolved metals in the same contact vessel. In the proper system design, the media can be back flushed to remove solids.

APTsorb is easy to deploy. The media can be used in almost any structure, tank, vault, boom sock or in-ground cell as long as the flow rate can be controlled. The capacity of the media is dependent on the metals of concern, competing ions and water chemistry and is cost-effective for most applications. The media can also be used in a treatment train to polish water prior to discharge or to remove selected ions within the treatment system.

Contact us to learn more about how APTsorb can solve your waste water problem. In most cases, we provide treatability testing at no charge so that you know you’re getting a product that is effective for your water. You can also use our flow and volume calculator to estimate the size of your system based on your flow rates.